GOD OF WAR: ASCENSION – “Rise of the Warrior” Walkthrough

Wie bereits in unserem Artikel zu “Rise of the Warrior” erwähnt, haben wir ein Walkthrough für euch vorbereitet. Wer also bei einem der Rätsel hängen sollte, kann hier nachschauen und bekommt eine schnelle und präzise Antwort auf all seine Fragen. Wir unterteilen diese Komplettlösung in die einzelnen Kapitel des Comics, werden auch hier nochmal die einzelnen Strips hochladen und im Anschluss des jeweiligen Chapters die Antworten nennen.

Wem die Achievement-Jagd nicht zusagt, aber dennoch Videos, Artworks und Wallpaper sammeln möchte, haben wir auch die jeweiligen Geschenke der entsprechenden Kapitel zum Download vorbereitet ;)

Zu jedem Kapitel haben wir euch außerdem den dazupassenden Comic-Strip angefügt. Ein Klick auf das kleine Thumbnail bringt euch zu einer größeren Bildansicht, wo ihr den Comic abspeichern und immer wieder lesen könnt.

Hinweis: Die dritte “Frage” eines jeden Kapitels ist ein Share auf einer der Social Media Pages (Facebook, Twitter, Google+). Für diese Aktion bekommt ihr 100 Punkte gutgeschrieben und gelegentlich sogar eine weitere Belohnung.

Zugang zu “Rise of the Warrior” bekommt ihr übrigens über die offizielle Homepage zu “God of War” oder über diesen Link.


GOD OF WAR: ASCENSION – “Rise of the Warrior”


Chapter 1: The Prisoner (Pt.1)

Question 1: I pass this: “Ha! You think that I AM EAGER to help you? You have it all mixed up Prisoner! See if you can sort it out.”
Answer: Megaera
Reward: Perseus Wallpaper (Download here)

Question 2: Though my feathers make me quick, I have never quickened; what strength have you, warrior, to cast me thusly?
Answer: Arrow
Reward: The Givers Facebook Page (Link here)

Chapter 2: The Prisoner (Pt.2)

Question 1: Though my sky brethren and I strike fiercely, above us lies a celestial rule that even we must follow. Who is my master?
Answer: Zeus
Reward: God of War: Ascension “Unchained”-Video
(“The Dessert Of Lost Souls” – Part 1) (Watch here)

Question 2: For Immortals, Vile Entertainment. Flesh In Violent Exertion, Fighting In Vast Eternal Feuds, Indulging Vagarious Egos.
Answer: Five
Reward: Bad-Ass Moments: “Batter Up!” (Watch here)

Chapter 3: The Beginning

Question 1: Mortals perish as the witch commands her pet, his all-seeing gaze menacing.
Answer: Argos
Reward: God of War: Ascension “Unchained”-Video
(“The Dessert Of Lost Souls” – Part 2) (Watch here)

Question 2: Wandering soul: If your intent be to enter here, lay your weapons down.
Answer: The Fields of Elysium
Reward: Orion Mythological Hero Wallpaper (Download here)

Chapter 4: A Dark Vengeance

Question 1: Your idle wishes will not stop a ceaseless wheel of time. Find another way.
Answer: Amulet of the Fates
Reward: Kratos Wallpaper (Download here)

Question 2: A turn of the head and your journey is now riddled with foes. What restless beasts dare besiege the path?
Answer: Undead Legionnaire
Reward: Bad-Ass Moments: “Get Hammered!” (Watch here)

Chapter 5: The Flood

Question 1: Find your kin. Seek what holds Athena’s city and the entry to the great mountain of the gods. All is water.
Answer: Aegean Sea
Reward: “Pandora’s Temple” Artwork (Download here)

Question 2: The General drove you to the brink. Find your way through.
Answer: Caves of Madness
Reward: “Maul Of Ares” Artwork (Watch here)

Chapter 6: A Dark Presence

Question 1: Band of Rowdy Outsiders Talking Heatedly on Exacting Revenge and Suffering. A kinship forged over common enemies.
Answer: Brothers
Reward: Omega Wallpaper (Download here)

Question 2: Blood is to flood as blame is to…
Answer: Flame
Reward: “Armor Of Artemis” Artwork (Watch here)

Chapter 7: Circe’s Temple

Question 1: Rides across the sky in a chariot led by steeds of fire. Indebted to Kratos.
Answer: Helios
Reward: “Armor Of Phobos” Artwork (Watch here)

Question 2: Daughter of Helios, known to cause hell; who named her the loveliest of all immortals?
Answer: Homer
Reward: Odysseus Wallpaper (Download here)

Chapter 8: The Gem Of Uroborus

Question 1: Ruler of the Golden Age. Father to the God born to lead and electrify.
Answer: Cronos
Reward: DLC-Typhon-Armor (Rank 6) (Watch here)

Question 2: A name of vowels and a place of vials, the Isle of the Sorceress.
Answer: Aeaea
Reward: Making-Of “Evil Ways” (Watch here)

Chapter 9: The Lord Of The Sea

Question 1: More heads than legs, a monster of Poseidon’s sea.
Answer: Hydra
Reward: “Kraken Armor” Artwork (Watch here)

Question 2: Terror and tusks, a beast of chapters past. Beneath the sorcery, a man.
Answer: Boar
Reward: Kratos Charging Wallpaper (Download here)

Chapter 10: Dissension

Question 1: Born from hell to guard and gnash, one bark echos through three snarling mouths.
Answer: Cerberus
Reward: “Hecaton” Artwork (Download here)

Question 2: Disguises and disagreements. Disgruntled warriors discuss their wariness and suspicion toward the sorceress.
Answer: Distrust
Reward: Poseidon Wallpaper (Download here)

Chapter 11: The Python’s Den

Question 1: Females of the underworld, brushing back serpents to lock eyes.
Answer: Gorgon
Reward: Original Concept of “Kratos” (Download here)

Question 2: Offering the valuable to benefit the group. The Gods reap another soul.
Answer: Sacrifice
Reward: Original Concept of “Kratos’ Tattoo” #1 (Download here)

Chapter 12: A Brave Sacrifice

Question 1: In a bloody frenzy, he killed them both. The melodies of the littlest dance across the Elysium fields.
Answer: Calliope
Reward: Original Concept of “The Marked Warrior” (Download here)

Question 2: The tool of a savage master. Flames lick the heels of your enemy as they’re sent flying.
Answer: Warhammer
Reward: Original Concept of “Krato’s Tattoo” #2 (Download here)

Chapter 13: A Powerful Poison

Question 1: Wearing the face of the earth, an ever present deity. Pay homage or go home.
“Empusa” First Look (Download here)

Question 2: Sea monsters, electric eels, Viperfish, and vampire squids. He rules them all, with little mercy for the landlocked.
Reward: Concept Art “Ascension” (Download here)

Chapter 14: The Dark Mist

Question 1: Home to three sisters and the first heartbeat. A dangerous edge of the world.
Answer: Island of Creation
“The Hecaton Mural” First Look (Watch here)

Question 2: To drink is deadly. To eat is eternal pain. Enemies, may you sleep forever!
Reward: Concept Art “Hecatonchires” #1 (Download here)

Chapter 15: Dark Patriarch

Question 1: In the cliffs above Athens, a place for worship and a portal to the Gods. When ready to run, take the bridge and watch the skies.
Temple of the Oracle
Concept Art “Canyon Passage” (Download here)

Question 2: Like an eagle protects its eggs, the Oracle watched over this. Scrying like gypsy would upon a crystal ball.
Gem of Uroborus
Reward: Concept Art “Hecatonchires” #2 (Download here)

Chapter 16: The Offer

Question 1: Betrayed by the Gods and consumed with bitterness, she tried to end all suffering.
Concept Art “Multiplayer Arena” (Download here)

Question 2: Blood ties a tight knot.
Reward: Concept Art “God of War: Ascension” (Download here)

Chapter 17: The Coice

17_GoW_Rise of the Warrior (Comic)_The Choice SMALL

Question 1: Banished Titans. Imprisoned by the Gods in a red and rocky hell.
Pits of Tartarus
God of War: Ascension “Unchained”-Video
(“Death Of A Juggernaut”) (Watch here)

Question 2: A village once poisoned; a village once saved.
Answer: Kirra
Concept Art “Hand Of Hecaton” (Download here)

Chapter 18: Vengeance

18_GoW_Rise of the Warrior (Comic)_Vengeance SMALL

Question 1: “Free me! Free me and my power will be yours. Without it, we will both remain prisoners of our torments.” She screamed, pleading with Kratos to release her.
Answer: Thera
Reward: Bad-Ass Moments: “This Is Madness” (Watch here)

Question 2: A word of honor meant not to be broken.
Answer: Oath
Reward: Concept Art “New Multiplayer Arena” (Download here)

Chapter 19: Orkos

19_GoW_Rise of the Warrior (Comic)_Orkos SMALL

Question 1: Born from drops of blood, these sisters seek vengeance. Tasked with punishing the wicked and condemning the damned, they stalk those who have betrayed the Gods.
Answer: Furies
Reward: Concept Art “Hecatonchire’s Prison” (Download here)

Question 2: Bound by the cold grasp of chains. His story has unfolded, but he remains…
Answer: Imprisoned
Reward: Bad-Ass Moments: “Smoke & Mirrors” (Watch here)

Chapter 20: Prison Of The Damned

20_GoW_Rise of the Warrior (Comic)_Prison Of The Damned SMALL

Question 1: Named after the goddess of revenge and retribution. With chains and clawlike daggers, Hephaestus created this to smite those who had crossed him.
Answer: Nemesis Whip
Reward: God of War: Ascension “Unchained”-Video
(“Hecatonchire’s Prisoner Of The Damned”) (Watch here)

Question 2: The keeper of oaths. The Giver.
Answer: Orkos
Reward: Hades Wallpaper (Download here)


More chapters to be continued – Weitere Kapitel folgen

Der Web-Comic wird laufend erweitert. Sobald neue Kapitel verfügbar sind, werdet ihr hier die Lösungen bekommen.

Ranks & Level Up

Mit jedem gelösten Rätsel erhaltet ihr eine bestimmte Anzahl an “Erfahrungspunkten” mit denen ihr bei diesem Web-Game an Leveln hinzugewinnt. Je Level erhält man einen In-Game-Bonus. Anbei eine Auflistung der Level und dem entsprechenden Goodie:

Viel Spaß mit “Rise of the Warrior” und der Multiplayer-BETA von “God of War: Ascension”. Wir hoffen, unser Walkthrough hilft euch weiter, wenn ihr mal an eure Kapazitäten stößt ;)


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